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Daytrip to Tempelfjorden

March - May

Duration: 7 - 8 hours

Min. 1 fullpaying participants
Max 10 participants

NOK 2490,- driver
NOK 1200,- passenger

Photo: Monica Votvik


We meet you at our boat house in the sea area where you will get your gear and briefing before we start our adventure. The route will depend on the weather and driving conditions. We drive east through the impressive valley Adventdalen towards Sassendalen, which is yet another huge valley cutting from east to west. Along the way we take several short stops to look at nature and animal life.

We cross Sassendalen and head for Tempelfjorden with the magnificent mountain Tempelfjellet throning ahead of us. We stop at Fredheim, the former trapper station of Hilmar Nøis. Here there are three cabins, the oldest more than 100 years old. Setting up a trapper station here was no coincidence; thousands of birds nest in the mountains around Tempelfjorden, there are plenty reindeer in Sassendalen and lots of seals on the fjord ice.  We drive on the ice to the bottom of Tempelfjorden where the well-known glacier front of the Tuna/Von Post-breen sparkles in tones of blue.

Along the way we stop to take a closer look at the seals and their breathing holes. Maybe we will see polar-bear tracks on the ice, from his roaming around hunting for the cautios seals? On arrival at the powerful, blue glacier we have an out-door lunch. After lunch, we turn to go back to Longyearbyen. However, that does not mean that there is nothing more to be experienced. Weather permitting, we will choose a different route back and make several stops. As ours is a small group, we have the opportunity to add extra stops and experiences. If time, we will also make a stop at our kennel about 12 kilometres outside Longyearbyen. Here you will get the opportunity to meet our powerful and exceptionally kind polar dogs. From here it is only about 15 minutes until we can stop and turn off the snowmobiles after an eventful and unforgettable day.

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Additional information:

Included in the trip:

- Snowmobile
- Fuel
- Search and rescue insurance
- Full snowmobile equipment (snowmobile suit, boots, mittens, balaclava, helmet/goggles)
- Lunch at the hotel in Barentsburg
- Guide with safety equipment

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